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Focus on the fans
12 March 2011 | 5:18 pm

Question: At the center of the labor dispute between NFL owners and professional football players is George Cohen, a federal mediator known for his work in helping Major League Soccer come to a resolution over its own labor battles. Mediators have no power or authority to compel either side to do an...

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Enso Leadership Model: A Journey of Self Discovery & Development

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The Productivity Process
(AOM 2010)

A professional development workshop at the Academy of Management 2010 conference where six panelists describe their strategies for achieving high research productivity.

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Who Will Lead and Who Will Follow?

Develops an identity-based theory of why some people come to be seen by themselves and others as leaders, and other people come to be seen as followers.

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Trait and Behavioral Theories of Leadership

Provides a meta-analytic review of trait and behavioral theories of leadership and compares their relative validity across a range of important outcomes.

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Power To The People

Provides a 3-step process for how people can take responsibility for their own leadership development.

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Leadership In Teams

Reviews the literature on team leadership and specifies the leadership structures and processes that drive team performance.

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Efficacy dispersion in teams

Describes different configurations of efficacy (confidence) in teams, and how these configurations impact team processes and performance.

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